About Us

About our Air Rifle Club in South Wales

Millwood Air Rifle Club is a well established and successful air rifle club with a blemish free safety record of some twenty years. The club is located near Peterston Super Ely a short distance off Junction 34 on the M4. It is a club for members and run by members, who pride themselves in offering an enjoyable experience in good company. We deliberately restrict membership numbers in order to give the rifle club that personal, friendly and family atmosphere.

We provide a wide variety of targets and ranges to suit all skill levels. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, we have something here to suit you.

Below are some of the shooting ranges that we have on offer to our members:

Zeroing hut
This sheltered facility allows for airguns to be zeroed up to 30 yards. This is the perfect distance regardless of whether you are using a spring rifle or a pre-charged. If you like ‘paper punching’ then you will enjoy this range.

Middle Distance – Pistol and Air Rifle Range
This range offers a large variety of targets for various levels of skill from 15 to 35 yards. A shelter close by offers the opportunity to be under shelter whilst shooting from a standing position.

Air Rifle Club

Pistol Range
A variety of targets are on offer including a moving target. This is a very popular range with all types of air pistols.

Long Distance Air Rifle Range
This is probably our most used range with a large variety of targets to test all abilities going out to some 70 yards. Many can be shot under shelter. There are targets set in trees as well as some set at 5 yard intervals from 10 to 55 yards to help improve zeroing at various distances.

Competition Range
This range has 12 knock down, pull up targets. Some in trees shot from various positions and all designed to test your abilities. Why not challenge another club member? The emphasis here is enjoyment not pressure, as well as improving your skills.

If you are interested in coming down to the club then please drop us a line using this contact form.